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Telus Mobility - Company Profile

Telus Mobility

Company Name: Telus Mobility
City / Town: Calgary
Street Address: 3030 2nd Avenue S.E.
Hours of Operation: 24/7 online
Company Phone: 403-387-5825
Company Description:
Telus Mobility provides mobile communications service for personal and business use throughout Western Canada.

Business customers can shop Telus Mobility to find mobile devices and plan features tailored to meet their needs. Customers can choose a wireless connect card for their laptop or a wireless modem for desktop systems. Mobile internet lets them stay connected no matter where they go.

Personal users can visit Telus Mobility to learn more about SmartPhones, mobile phones and internet cards. Some equipment is available without charge, depending on the service plan the customer chooses.

Telus Mobility reminds customers that there are times and places when wireless communications are not a good idea. Many people expect airlines and hospitals to restrict the use of wireless devices; it is becoming more common for local jurisdiction to prohibit the use of mobile communications while driving, as well.
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