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Dog Gone Running - Company Profile

Company Name: Dog Gone Running
City / Town: Calgary
Street Address: 10 Westpark Place SW
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Company Phone: 403-992-3180
Company Description:
CEven if you’re a confirmed couch potato, your prized pooch can still get out for healthy, funcardio workouts.

Dog Gone Running is Calgary’s only dog running service. Every dog loves to go for a walk, but most dogs, and especially high energy dogs need more – they need to run. Long distance runner and triathlete Christine Almond has combined two of her passions in Dog Gone Running – running, and dogs.

Dog Gone Running develops a unique program for each dog, taking into consideration its age, breed, and fitness goals. Besides the obvious benefits of regular exercise like weight control and improved cardiovascular fitness, a tuckered out pooch is less likely to be bored and destructive. It will develop better leash skills, and it will have stronger bones. Like people, a dog that gets regular exercise is much happier and healthier

Each run starts and ends with a warm-up and a cool down. Treats and hydration are provided along the way. Routes are tailored to provide a fun, challenging, and stimulating experience for your pet.

Want a healthier and happier dog? Contact Dog Gone Running and ask about their very reasonable rates.
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